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Volkswagen was originally founded in 1937 known as “Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH” was founded, no one could have guessed that it would one day be Europe’s largest carmaker. The history of the company – with all its trials and tribulations – is first and foremost a story of impressive success. On September 16th, 1938 the Company was renamed “Volkswagenwerk GmbH”.

Volkswagen has become a large international corporation from where it started and expanded to different worldwide markets and countries. The world headquarters of Volkswagen are located in its home country in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen AG, owned by the Volkswagen Group, is situated with other car manufacturers including Audi, SEAT, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Scania, and Skoda. Volkswagen is currently Europe’s largest automaker.